Is there a way to reset everything and restart?

After I uploaded a csv for historical data as well as the current bank fee there seems to be a lot of shift and duplicates. ie a charge was shifted to another card. Is there a way to reset everything and restart?

You could use Version History (under the File menu) to go back to a version before you did the CSV upload.

My first 3 or 4 months on Tiller, I did this maybe 6 times!

Here’s how I did it.

I went to the console ( and left the old sheet alone but selected Create A Spreadsheet and built a whole new Tiller. I named the new Tiller something different than the old one and then linked up all my accounts just like before. Once you are happy with it, you can kill the old one in the console (kill = unlink and delete).

Alternatively, you could check your previous versions and see if there is one before the upload that might be a better re-starting place.

Good luck!!

Thanks, i guess both ways would revert a lot of the added columns and autocat, but I guess that makes sense. How does going back to a version like 2 months ago affect what transactions are pulled? or because it also resets the balance history i’ll just repull?

If you have a bunch of other stuff you did that you still want to keep, then maybe @susandennis idea might be better. That would allow you to more easily copy/paste things from the old to the new. I’d think you’ll get most of the transactions downloaded again, but you may need to copy/paste some from the old sheet.