Bilt Rewards Card as linked account?

How do I add Bilt Rewards card as a linked account in Tiller Money Feeds? Is it supported by Yodlee or do I need to import as CSV like Apple card? If this is answered elsewhere, I apologize but I can’t find it. Thank you.

Generally rewards accounts are not available from Yodlee…
You may as well try to connect the account to see if it is available though.

There are a few options available for pulling in CSVs if you can access that data. Have a look at the CSV Spreadsheet Importer Multitool for Google and the “Basic Bank CSV” workflow in the Import CSV Line Items workflow.

Rather late but for anyone else wondering…

Bilt account can’t be added directly to Tiller, however…

Bilt Card is issued by Wells Fargo,

When trying to set up auto pay in the Bilt app (thats the way I did it, there is probably other ways),
it will ask you create a Wells Fargo account.

After you create the Wells Fargo account, you can link that to Tiller to get the Bilt Transactions.

Impressive hack, @kagesoujirou. Thanks for sharing.

This is not true for BILT cards issued before April of 2022 as those cards were issued by Evolve. Does anyone know how to configure the Evolve Bilt credit card for auto download?