Budget and Savings Budgets Sums Past Transactions [Ignore - Operator Error]

Please ignore this message. The steps to reproduce give correct values. I misunderstood my own data. I must be having a different issue in my real data.

I’ve imported a large set of past transactions from mint. I’d like to create a budget starting in Jan of this year (2023) but when I do that it sums all previous expenses as if it happened in January. This happens for both default budget and Savings Budgets.

Is there a way to have past transactions and start a budget in the middle of them.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a new Tiller spreadsheet with no linked accounts.
  2. Install the Savings Budgets.
  3. Create monthly transactions between Jan, 2022 and Dec 2023 for Phone with the values increasing by one dollar each month (1/1/2022 = $1, 1/2/2022 = $2, etc).
  4. Create an categories budget starting in Jan of 2023 .

Monthly Budget Phone for Jan 2023 is Budget: $1, Actual: $-13, Available 14.
I have similar results for Savings Budget

Hi, Not sure what all you’re trying to do here but for the Savings Budget template try setting the “Starting Period” to the date you want. Unhide columns to the right of column J. Change O2 to the date you want to use.

Thanks for the rapid reply. It turns out when importing from Mint, I got the sign of credits and debits backwards. So I kept blaming the savings budgets were getting it wrong. :person_facepalming: .

Glad to hear you were able to sort things out, @mandpeklund.
Welcome to Tiller! :heart: