Can I create a duplicate "test" sheet?

I want to make some changes to a sheet. For example renaming an account…

I have so much important data on my sheet though I want to test the process before a blow something up!

If I duplicate my sheet and connect it via my admin panel and attache the correct accounts… will the sheet work?

Yes, yes. It will totally work. You can link up to 5 sheets with Tiller.

I make a copy of my sheet on the 1st of every month because here is no telling when I’m going to do something crazy. (I don’t link my copies unless I need them.) For minor crazies, you can often return to a previous version but once, early on in my Tiller life, I needed that function desperately and it didn’t work. Lesson Learned.

Good luck!

Can you please tell me we’re to look or how please


Up at the top, just under your spreadsheet’s name you will see a heading called "file’. Click on it and select ‘make a copy’ and just follow the prompts!

thank you frist time trying spreed sheets.I copy it .So how do i pull up if need to. and just one more question when i put credit card in cat. do i set up as a exprese or tranfer i have four cards

Go to your google driver ( and search for Tiller - probably the easiest way.

There are various ways - if you do a search here on ‘credit card categories’ you can find several conversations with lots of good ideas.

The way I do it is I apply a category when I spend:

Charge shoes to my credit card - category = apparel
Pay from bank to credit card to cover the charge = tranfer

Thanks that what i am doing