Can we get a Community Facebook/ Whatsapp Group?

Hi Admins and Fellow Users;
I’m currently traveling in Asia, long term, and support takes 12+ hours for feedback.
Would be awesome to have a real-time community group for peer-peer faster support.
Is there a Facebook group? Even unofficial?

Would love to share and learn in a real-time platform?
Heck, if there’s interest, I’m even willing to create a group unofficially for it - if it helps more people?

I’m just starting, and loving the Tiller solution, and would love to get faster support for users.


Yes, most users are in the US. Tiller is generally 8 to 5. However, I have seen users (and Tiller people) reply outside of that time frame. I am on Pacific time. I have seen tiller people reply at 9-11 pm. Not normal or expected but it happens. I have replied between 9 pm and 6 am (yes, call me crazy). Again, not normal but it happens. Some are morning people while others are night people. The important thing is to just communicate and you usually get a reply.


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Hi @naeemjuttonline,

This community is our hope at a more collaborative & peer to peer support model outside of things you need official Tiller support for (e.g. bank connection/feed issues). :slight_smile:

I know I can’t speak for anyone else, but personally I’m more active here than on Facebook!

Agreed. I love that I can just see this topic here and not all the other noise