Support process and response times from Tiller?

Hello, I am somewhat new to Tiller and am getting no support. At first I loved the product but when I couldn’t get bank data to load, the honeymoon ended. Whenever I create a chat the bot says I should hear back in two hours but the best I’ve gotten is three days, or not at all. Is something wrong with Tiller right now? Is there another way to escalate beyond the Chat window?

Sorry you are having trouble connecting with the CS team. There is a help article here that outlines Tiller’s support: What kind of customer support does Tiller offer? | Tiller Help Center

If you are having a bank feed issue, the CS team is the best option for assistance in that.

Welcome @davisjohnson200, :wave:

Just wanted to chime in here to hopefully share a little context.

The initial “Tiller will be back in 2 hours” that you see when you create a new chat is based on the “office hours” (hours are included in the guide Tom sent) we set in our messenger tool, and is intended to set an expectation about when you’ll receive a first response from us, but does not imply that our subsequent responses will come within two hours. Usually our subsequent responses come within a day or two, but this can vary depending on the overall support load we’re dealing with.

As we continue growing our support team, we hope to increase our response times overall. We really appreciate your patience!

I’ll reach out via the support conversations you’ve got open with us to continue working on your specific issue.