Debt Planner is combining two credit cards

Hello, I am creating a fresh template, and have included Savings and Debt planner into it. I am having a problem with the Debt Planner Accounts menus. My husband and I each have Amex cards. The Debt planner is lumping them into one card, even though I have named them separately in the console, and they pull up separately in the other budget sheets. However, when I click on the drop down menu to add each account, it still lumps them into one “American Express Cards” category, assigning just one of the balances. How can I work through this?

Unfortunately, @mgj30327, the Debt Planner template has a relatively simple lookup by purely the account name. (Some of our other templates use more complex lookups to uniquely identify accounts by their Account IDs or combinations of fields like Account Name and Account #.)

I just checked the template and that Account-name-only lookup is implemented in several cells and columns and would be non-trivial to remap. Your best bet is probably creating unique account names for the two accounts by renaming the account in the Tiller Money Console and then using the Repair Balance History workflow to reflect that name change throughout your Balance History sheet.