Debt Planner Sheet not displaying account with duplicate names

I have 2 credit cards from the same company and both have an account name like Platinum - xxxx1234 (E2EC) and Platinum - xxxx3456 (E2FF). When selecting accounts from the list in the debt planner, only one instance of Platinum is found.

Looking at the account names, it appears everything before the hyphen is being used as the account name. Since the debt planner sheet doesn’t allow duplicates, it’s not letting me choose the second account.

Ideally, I would be able to give accounts a nickname that appears throughout the spreadsheet instead of it being autogenerated. The names that are coming back are not helpful like CREDIT CARD, Platinum, VISA 1234. I’d instead prefer to have one be Amazon Credit Card, Credit Union Credit Card, etc. so it’s easy to distinguish.

If you go to Tiller Money ( to view your accounts, notice there is a pencil icon to the right of each Account name. Click it and you can change the name. This might help you get around the issue you’re having. I believe this will only affect new transactions and balances, so you may have to do a search/replace in your transactions and other sheets to convert the ‘old’ account name to the ‘new’ name so everything behaves properly.


I didn’t know that was an option! This worked to fix the problem and will make the rest of the sheet much easier to sort through. Thanks.

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