Debt Planner: some but not all of my "Connected" accounts available in the Debt Planner drop down

Debt Planner: some but not all of my “Connected” accounts available in the Debt Planner drop down, I have added all on the “Accounts” tab and set them to Liability but still not showing in the Debt Planner

I ran into this similar issue previously. You may be able to dig into the query in P7 that pulls in that range and make sure that the data validation hasn’t gotten changed somehow and is still looking at that whole list.

But…the way that I fixed mine was to use the tiller community solutions sidebar and manage solutions and restore the sheet.

Make sure to make a copy or rename the current version since there is a lot of manual input on this sheet for your different accounts.

Hopefully this will help.

To add on to what @bentyre1 has said, make sure that the list in P7:P has all of the accounts you expect.

  • If all the accounts are present in the list, there may be more accounts than the Data Validation is set up for. The default validation for Column A is set up to only look at cells P8:P40. So if you have more than 32 liability accounts, they would not be picked up. To fix this, you would change the data validation set up on column A to look at the entire P column.
    ='Debt Planner'!$P$8:$P
    – While you’re in there, you might want to also go ahead and set the validation to cover the rest of Column A, instead of also stopping at row 40

  • If some of the accounts are completely missing from the list in P8:P, then the problem could be one of multiple things. I would check to make sure that the default formula has not been overwritten.

=QUERY({INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&T4&"$2:$"&T4),INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&R5&"$2:$"&R5),INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&R6&"$2:$"&R6),INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&T3&"$2:$"&T3),INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&T2&"$2:$"&T2),INDIRECT("'Accounts'!$"&V5&"$2:$"&V5)}, "SELECT Col3,Col2,Col1,Col4 WHERE Col5 = 'Liability' AND Col6 <> 'Hide' ORDER BY Col1 LABEL Col1 '"&S4&"', Col2 '"&Q5&"', Col3 '"&Q6&"', Col4 '"&S3&"'")

If the query above matches the one in your sheet, I would make sure that the accounts are not set to hidden in the Accounts sheet, and that the class for the missing accounts are “Liability”, in that exact case/styling. If it is input as “LIABILITY”, this query will not pick it up.

Also, if you’ve added any new columns to the Accounts sheet, this may be a side-effect of that. On the Debt Planner sheet, in cell V5, the column assigned to Accounts/Hide should be a later column (I believe the default is Q). If the column is showing as F, or somewhere around there, this would be your problem.

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Actually now that you say that about it only going to row 40 was it. I remember changing it to the whole list instead of that as well. I think the restore was something else that happened.

Thanks ,… for your input , I will try the “restore” and see if that helps,… I have < 20 accounts. Mostly student loans :frowning:

None of these suggestions worked :frowning:

And you checked accounts have class Liability and are not marked as Hide as @1Email2RuleThemAll suggested, @TKing? Can you see the accounts listed in the hidden area (at right) in your Accounts sheet?