Do some financial institutions share balances but not the transaction details?

Hey all - I sent in this question over chat to no avail - I’m hoping the community can help.

I’ve been able to get many of my bank accounts transactions to work flawlessly and pull them directly into Excel. When I connected Tiller to my Chase business account everything successfully connected on the website. I can see the top line totals for the Chase accounts and in Excel as well. When I requested that they “Fill” or “ReFill” no transactions come down.

Meanwhile I have these chase accounts setup in mint today and I see all my transactions.

I logged into my CHASE account and and under the Tiller connection there was this message: “Balances and transactions can’t be shared for these accounts yet. You can still add these accounts today and we’ll share those details as soon as they’re available.” When I look under MINT on Chase’s website it doesn’t have that message.

I suspect that MINT must have a different kind of connection or agreement with Chase. Is anyone else experiencing this?

Not sure if this might explain the issue that you are having, but Chase’s connection to Tiller (via Yodlee) has been down for almost a week now (as indicated on the Institutional Alerts sheet). Prior to that outage, everything was working very smoothly, including transaction detail. And, yes, it’s annoying that the Chase connection is down. There must be many of us with credit card accounts at Chase with lots of transactions. . .


That’s amazing, how many alerts there are :astonished:

Well, yes, but note the summary statistics at the top. Currently, 1.16% of institutions with an outage reported. And some of those institutions are pretty obscure (though others obviously are not).

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Hi @BTposts I do want to check in and make sure you were able to reach out to our team successfully.

Did you get through to our team? I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at and answer the prompts from the bot and the bot will send you to our team. Our support isn’t live so there will be a delay, but we definitely want to make sure you’re getting a response when you write in.

And, fwiw, Chase just started working for me again after being down for six days, so it might be worth checking again. . .

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Thanks for the earlier comment and this one. It just started working for me again as well.


That’s true, and I appreciate the transparency and effort in maintaining that spreadsheet :+1:


Glad it’s working for you now!