Docs: Why Are Some Solutions Incompatible?

When you select “Add a Solution” in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on, you may notice that there are some “Incompatible Solutions” at the bottom of the sidebar.

You may wonder:

  • Why are these solutions incompatible?
  • What can I do to make my spreadsheet compatible?

Essentially, a solution is not compatible when it— or one of its dependencies— cannot be inserted because another sheet is already using a sheet name that the solutions installer needs to use.

The most common cause of add-a-solution incompatibilities is the Categories sheet. There are two versions of this solution: one that includes a monthly budget for each category (this one is included in the Foundation Template) and a simpler version without budget values. If your spreadsheet contains the simpler version without the budgets, but the solution you wish to install requires category budgets, the solution will be flagged as incompatible.

It’s also possible that a personal sheet in your spreadsheet just happens to have the same name as the solution you wish to install (or one of its dependencies). For example, if you built a DIY net worth spreadsheet, then tried to install the community-built Net Worth solution, the latter would display as incompatible.

I installed the statements solution. But the statement details solution is now incompatible. Do I need to remove statements? And if so, how do I remove a solution?

Please try reinstalling the Statement Details solution, @peterlpw. Sometimes when a sheet refers up to another sheet (i.e. Statements) and that sheet is updated, then the downstream references break.