Foundation Template Not Updating for Two Weeks - Georgia's Own Credit Union

The Tiller Foundation Google Sheets template is not updating. Has been this way for two weeks. The issue appears to be with Tiller. I’m receiving a technical error that would suggest there is a connectivity issue, however, I do not believe that to be the case. Why? Because every time I attempt to refresh the template and receive the Technical Error from Tiller I also receive a notification from my credit union that my account was just logged into. This suggests to me that that there is in fact no connection issue but instead A Tiller Money template issue failing to access and update the accounts. If it was a connection issue with the credit union I would not be receiving a confirmation that my account was just accessed.

:wave: @johnggraham!

The assumption that there is no connectivity issue just because you receive a notification that your account was just accessed is not true. Some part of the connection is making it through (hence the notification) but not enough of it to actually refresh the account and pull data otherwise you wouldn’t be getting a technical error.

I know you have an open thread with us in support and we’re doing our best to get that resolved for you with our data provider.

Thanks for your patience.