Huntington Mortgage Account Stopped Working...Anyone Else?

I started Tiller in October/November of last year and connected my Huntington mortgage account. It brought in the balance of my mortgage and the posted monthly payments until April this year, and then stopped refreshing/updating the mortgage balance.

I submitted a ticket for it and went back and forth with the help team for about two months trying to figure it out. Eventually the data provider indicated that mortgage accounts weren’t supported at this time, which seemed odd to me since it was working fine for a while. I logged it in the unsupported account list.

Has anyone else had a similar experience, specifically with a Huntington mortgage account? Does anyone on here work for Huntington that could provide any further information? Any issues with MFA/2FA that you were able to resolve (for me, logging into the website requires MFA, but it doesn’t prompt for it when refreshing Tiller)?

@Zachary thanks for sharing your experience. Maybe someone will chime in with if the same thing happened for them with the mortgage accounts.

It’s not uncommon for our data provider to stop supporting specific account types even if they used to work. Sometimes this can be due to the underlying technology related to logging in to the site or if the mortgage moves to a different servicing (even if it’s in the background/not apparent to use as the accountholder on the website). Or if the connection just isn’t reliable they will also stop supporting certain account types. Sorry for that inconvenience.

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Hi @Zachary ,

What @heather has described is what happened with my mortgage with LoanCare on Personal Capital / Empower via Yodlee. It worked fine for awhile until LoanCare experienced a security breach and then redesigned their frontend website. It has never worked since. I believe LoanCare does not support an API so Screen Scrapping was used to get the data which would explain why the interface stopped working.

I only tried once to connect with LoanCare here on Tiller. Since the mortgage only updates once a month I just manage the account in Tiller manually.