I want to hide account numbers on Balances tab in Excel

I would like to hide the account numbers in the Balances tab, I think it will improve readability. Is there an option to do that?

Hi @ptejada - Welcome to the community! I’m not aware of a pre-built control somewhere, but one possible solution is to navigate to the hidden columns P and Z which is where the full account names are being assembled for display. You can modify the formula there to remove the account numbers from the displayed names. You can make the change in the first entry in row 4 and drag down for those rows that you’re interested in changing. You could keep the original formula in some unused rows at the bottom so that you can restore later if necessary. A second option is to toggle them on and off using a letter “h” for hide in cell A10. Then you could quickly and easily see them again if you need to further distinguish what’s what.

I’ve attached pictures of both examples.

Example 1 - remove the account numbers from the displayed name, by deleting the part in red:

Balances - Remove Acct Num - Excel

Example 2 - toggle off the account numbers using an “h” entered into cell A10, by inserting the part in green:

Balances - Remove Acct Num_toggle - Excel

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Hi Kyle, thank you for the response. I think both are great suggestions. I am going to start with Ex 2.

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