Is YodLee making any progress on 2FA issues? Is this an impossible barrier?

I can no longer import data to my spreadsheet since my bank moved to 2FA. I see some others are having the same issues. Is this something that can be worked around? Is there some other way to import the data?

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - if your bank recently started enforcing 2FA Yodlee probably needs to re-work the integration to support that we’ll need to submit a request for them to do that. We can get that process started if you write in using the chat tool.

I did reach out a few weeks ago. I was told they would have to contact YodLee. Since then I have heard nothing. I would hope that a request has already been made. Does anyone know?

Sometimes it takes time for Yodlee to respond. In the interim, you could follow up with our support team (as @heather recommended).

@phooph - yes I can confirm we submitted the request to our data provider. I just reached out to you in that ticket conversation earlier with a request. Please follow up there. Thanks!