Missing one side of two different transfer events

I made two transfers on 6/9 between three accounts at the same institution. One side of each transfer appears on the transaction sheet but the other side does not show up.
The side of the transfer that does not show up is in the same Money Market account.
I have refreshed the financial institution several times and also confirmed that both sides of each transfer shows up in the financial institution activity.

Finally, I went back to the version history and confirmed that the missing side of each transfer did not appear in earlier versions between the current version and 6/9.
At this point is my only option is to manually added the missing entry and if so are there certain cell that need to be filled in to make sure the flow through to the other sheets?

I have the same issue around the same date with transfers in my Fidelity accounts. I added manual rows for the missing transactions which I’ll delete if they ever show up!

Mine magically showed up today!

I have been working on this with Selina of the Help Group for about an week. She had me go the the drop down menu (next to the Open Sheet box) and check the accounts that are linked to the sheet. I re-linked some accounts and the missing transactions showed up plus a number of older transactions although some now reference an incorrect source account. Still working to understand what is going on with the incorrect source issue - I suspect that the Account identifiers somehow changed either at the institution or via the update module.

Hope that helps