Net Worth (Feed Bot version) manual accounts stay yellow after saving

In my Net Worth sheet, after I update manual accounts and “save”, they accounts/values stay highlighted yellow. Anyone else had this issue before and know how to solve it?

FYI I am using an older version of Net Worth which uses Tiller FeedBot.

Hi @jdbar.tx ! :wave:

I’m not quite sure about the issue with the Accounts sheet you’re seeing where they stay highlighted in yellow, but I would recommend transitioning out of that spreadsheet.

This year we’ll be asking customers to transition out of all Feed Bot sheets and into Tiller Money Feeds sheets.

Since you’re just tracking net worth in that sheet I’d recommend starting in a blank Google Sheet and launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on from the Extensions menu and fill in the data for your accounts then install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on to re-add the Net Worth Tracker into that new Google Sheet.

For the manual accounts, you can use the Tiller Migration Helper add-on to pull those into the new sheet. In the guide below you would uncheck everything except the Balance History option to move over from your Feed Bot sheet at step 7 “Customize the migration” under the Migrating the Data section.