Net Worth Snapshot Issue

I experienced what I think might be a bug with the Net Worth snapshot. I have two accounts (one asset and one liability) for my automobile and for the loan associated with it. I set up a manual account to track the asset and one for the liability. I then put them both into a group called ‘Auto’. On the Net Worth Snapshot, both got rolled up to the group total for the asset and liability, the asset itself showed up correctly under the asset header and the liability under the liability but the totals show the sum of both the asset and liability in both sections. It is fixed if I move one to a different group.

I did fix this by changing the formula for the group totals to be a SUMIFS checking against both group name and class. Not sure if anyone else has come across this.

Hi @kfeelan,
The Net Worth Snapshot sheet assumes that a Group cannot contain both an Asset and a Liability Account. If a Group has both, the display might have issues. Typical groups might include Banking, Investments, Credit Cards, etc.

As you might see in the hidden columns, the technique to generate dynamic, grouped and sorted account lists is not trivial.

I see you have a valid use case where a Group has both Asset and Liability Accounts. Glad to hear you were able to find a workaround for your needs.