Net Worth Tracker group total calculation

Networth appears to be summing the liabilities and assets in the total if I use groups in the accounts page.

It is summing for both the grouping in the Assets and Liabilities
I have two cars. Listed with loan and asset values
The Autos are listed as A & B with asset values of 30,000 and 45,000
A & B have loans for 25,000 and 40,000
In the Asset area of NetWorth for Autos I see a total of 140,000
In the Liability area od NetWorth for Autos I see a total of 140,000.

The amounts below this for each are correct. just the sums of the categories

net worth pulls from balance history. explain how you have all this set up in balance history. show us the rows for better diagnosis. is it all manual or is some automatic/linked? B

Per month the individual amounts per account are correct on the NetWorth tab. The rollup into the category is not summing correctly if the category includes both the asset and liability.

For instance, if I set my vehicles to Auto in the Accounts tab, and my vehicle notes to AutoLoans in Accounts, everything sums fine.

But… If I set my vehicles and notes to Auto in the accounts tab. Then I get the sum of vehicles and notes in both the assets and liabilities sections of NetWorth.
It seams that NetWorth just sums the category and does not take into account the mix of liabilities and assets in the same category

your category (i think you mean group) has to be either asset or liability, not both.

Amendment: I just looked at my net worth and it is not right either, similar to your issue, but I cannot put my finger on it. My affected accounts are ones I recently had feed issues with and when I remove their groups on the accounts tab the issue appears to resolve. Support - Please investigate. B

Thanks @bkmccarty, you’re expecting these to be $0 right because the asset and liability amounts are the same and they should net each other out?

My guess is that the formulas that are summing the group totals are not smart enough to understand that you have accounts of both classes in the same group (@Blake - asset/liability is the class in data feed :wink: )

@jonorlin or @randy can you validate this assumption about how the calculations work?

I understand that the account tab grouping is not intended to mix assets and liabilities. I wasn’t aware of that. I didn’t expect the networth tab to sum these. I expected it to sum the liabilities in the liability section and sum the assets in the assets section. Not sum them together as a grand total under each

Yes, @bkmccarty, @heather is right. Many of our templates don’t handle duplicate names— in categories, groups, accounts, etc— well.

As spreadsheet builders, there are tricks we could leverage to create unique IDs that more accurately sum when category or group names match, but these changes would result in more complex and less performant spreadsheets. We have chosen instead to just recommend using unique group, account & category names.

Could you try making the names unique and see if the summing then works properly?

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All is well we can consider this matter closed with my education of the proper use. I’ve updated the group names and assigned accounts per class.


Glad to hear you have it working again, @bkmccarty.
Sorry our templates don’t offer better support for duplicate names. :neutral_face: