Net Worth Template Question

How would you recommend I take the assets and minus the liabilities to come up with a True Net worth? Should I just add a column or row and do my own formula or is there a better suggestion?
I’m using both the Net Worth and the Net Worth Snapshot sheets.

Can you clarify, @JT1? I believe the Net Worth template does that around row 20?

hi @randy you are correct. It does that around row 20…The sheet does list the Assets and then around row 20 it lists the liabilities. But does it take the Assets Minus the Liabilities to show the true net worth?

In my Net Worth sheet, row 20 is net worth, row 23 is assets, and row 89 is liabilities. Your rows 20 and 23 should be the same but your liabilities row will likely be a row other than row 89. All three rows are highlighted blue so they stand out from all the other rows. Does your net worth sheet look different than this?

I guess my situation is unique. I am tracking Net Worth for My wife and I, my mom who lives with us, and my 2 kids. I’d like to quickly see Person 1 has a total net worth of X. Taking the assets and subtracting the liabilities. Maybe I am clearly looking at this incorrectly. I’m afraid to make my own formulas in columns L,M,N,O etc afraid I’ll mess something up.


Since you just joined and do not have much time invested yet, I recommend you set up four Tiller sheets; You & spouse, Mom, Kid1, and Kid2. Tiller allows five sheets. This will make your life a whole lot easier. Thoughts?


I think that’s a great idea. I was hoping I could just have different tabs within the same sheet, but it doesn’t look like that will work. Thank you for your time and guidance!

OK, that sounds good. Blake