New Columns in a Report

How to I add columns in a report? For example, I want to add Account # and Full description in the Category Roll-Up Report, which are in my main Transactions template

You would have to modify the formulas and a good chunk of the page. If I can toot my own solution, take a look at the Transaction Tracker for Google Sheets and see if that meets your needs, or at least some of it.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. Your work looks impressive, but it is not what I need.

Simply as an example, How do I add columns in the Category Roll-Up Report, I want to add Account # and Full description.

I might have to report.

Thanks again!

The bulk of the reports are generated via scripts as a rectangular data block. Without modifying the scripts in the add-on, it is not possible to change what is rendered in that block.

The report “templates” are stored hidden in your spreadsheet and you can make modifications to the templates (e.g. colors, fonts, headers and footers) that will be pulled in the next time you execute the reports.

One approach you might consider is adding VLOOKUP() in an ARRAYFORMULA() to link in the data you want to include OUTSIDE the placeholder for the auto generated report body. Once the report generates (and the formulas fill) you should be able to slide the new columns into the report body (i.e. every time you run the report) into your preferred location.

I appreciate your response. Congratulations on your work.

At 68 years old, I am technology challenged, especially with Google sheets which are new to me. I am better at Excel. With Excel, I had freelance workers in Croatia and India do complicated work for my business on and was very satisfied. So if you are good with Google sheets, maybe people would want to pay for services on Upwork.

At the time, the standard solutions offered by the program will be good enough for me. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the encouragement, @pwstamps. :wink: