New error updating accounts

Has any gotten the error from the attached screenshot and if so, how were you able to fix it?

I’ve continued to have issues getting updates so I tried manually checking one of my accounts by going to Account Summary in the Tiller Console, clicking the settings cog and selecting Update login. For everyone of my accounts I am receiving the error message from the screenshot. I can successfully add new accounts but all my existing accounts receive this error message. I have a thread open with support but trying here in case someone knows of a fix.

Edit: Just noticed that I can successfully update my login information for the one account I added today so it looks like something may have happened in the past week since I’ve been able to successfully refresh my data that broke the connection to the accounts that I had already added to Tiller.

Hi @stephenk,

I’ve got this in my support queue and I replied yesterday. Intercom is currently having an outage so I can’t reply there, but didn’t want to leave you hanging. This is likely something we’ll need to contact Yodlee about.

Thanks for your patience.


The self service fix is to reconnect all your accounts. This unfortunately requires quite a bit of data sanitization since they are synced like brand new accounts and requires deduping transactions and backfilling account balance history tab and updating previous account ids to remove duplicates from your reporting and then removing the old accounts from the console. Since doing this everything including automated updates are working as expected but it would be good to follow up with yodlee to understand what caused this issue in case there are ways to prevent and better ways to fix this issue in the future.