ONly a single transaction out of many since November was brought over from Chase Checking account - what gives?

I started a BRAND new template to be sure.
I refreshed from the TillerHq set up screen.
I have tried 3x on 3 separate sheets.
Still Only a single lone transaction is brought over, nothing else from a chase business checking account.

All my chase CC transactions (well, since November which is guess is the limit?) came over w/o issue.

I checked the search for similar issues. No luck.

This issue will make or break my ability to use it of course but I am a total loss on what is wrong.

Reaching out to the team per this help doc
It’s not a configuration issue, and I’m still missing transactions

If you’re still not seeing your recent transactions you’ll likely need to reach out to our team. Use the chat tool on the Tiller Console at

If it’s not a configuration or filter issue, then contacting customer support really is your best avenue. It’s impossible for anybody on this forum to know what issues there might be on the back end with Yodlee feeding the data to Tiller for specific institutions. Sorry that you’re having these issues.

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UPDATE to be helpful BOTH other users facing this issue and Tiller staff:

This issue is that any and all PAST transactions are not being carried in for some of my Chase accounts. However recent transactions since I added the accounts are. It is certainly not a connection issue is that was not initially clear.

After exhausting all options and confirming on the “Test” Sheet that the issue exists for two of my 4 Chase banking accounts, I opened a ticket to no avail and ultimately learned I will will have to import the missing block as a CSV. Frustrating indeed.

However, It was during this process that it occurred to me: Although all accounts are from the same BANK, there is a difference in the TYPE of accounts they are.

ONLY the business accounts are impacted. My personal accounts do not the have the issue.
Either this is purely coincidence, ELSE something at the Chase or Yodlee level may be setting up a strange rule on business chase accounts. I do not know.

Regardless, staff should be aware. AND this can be easily tested: IF anyone can confirm on a TEST sheet that Chase business accounts are bringing in past transactions, then indeed it is total coincidence.

If someone can confirm that Chase business accounts DO NOT bring in past transactions, then there is your answer. You can send my functional testing fees to my paypal. :stuck_out_tongue:


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@Rocketghost can you please make sure that the support team via the chat/ticket you started are aware of this? Thanks!