POLL: Would you open a checking account with Google?

By now you might have read that Google is going to offer checking accounts in partnership with Citigroup and a Stanford University credit union.

  • The project is called “Cache" - clever.

  • The WSJ reports the accounts will be available through Google Pay.

  • Google says it won’t target ads based on financial data from the accounts, instead using the accounts as a way to make it easier to spend online (which in turn benefits Google).

As reported by Morning Brew, one advantage Google has is that 58% of consumers would trust Google financial products, per McKinsey. 56% would trust Apple and only 35% would trust Facebook.

So, would you ever open a checking account through Google? This poll is just for fun, and for sharing with the Tilller Money Community.

  • Yes, I would consider banking with Google
  • No, I am not interested in banking with Google
  • I’m intrigued, but I really need to learn more
  • I only want to bank with Myspace

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Myspace :laughing: :laughing:


At this point I’m trying to degoogle myself. Ironically using a service here that uses Google. Slowly.


Google runs most of my life anyway, so why not my money? I work in the IT industry so I am not worried any more about Google doing my banking than the current fraudulent big banks that we have currently. However, they would have to offer genuine innovation. Which in the financial services industry really only means one thing. More money for me, and less for the banks or Google! That means 2% rebates on every credit card transaction (which I currently get), no fees at all in a checking account on any daily banking needs (which I currently get), all and any ATM fees refunded in full (which I currently get) a perfect, simple website with automatic integration of transaction into Google sheets (ironic to say that on a Tiller forum, as I happily pay Tiller for this service right now). If all they offer is some gimmicky online payment system, that is no motivation at all.


Same here. In most ways trying to deGoogle myself and consolidate the spread of my internet footprint to selfhosted tools, and in other ways going deeper in some services that I know I will find it hard to detach myself from. While i use Tiller / Google for finances, I would eventually like to have this moved off to let’s say something I can create that is selfhosted, yet I can’t, yet, detach from gmail / gcal due to family also having gcal which help with events. However, i don’t use google search anymore which helps.

I’ll do it. Sounds great

I would be very concerned that they would use my private information to make money as they do with everything else they touch.

It’s a 180* turn for me. I went from a massive google fanboy about 5-6 years ago to trying to erase myself from their reach.

Or worse, close down the service after 2 years. Forcing you to scramble around for a replacement.

I don’t trust Google with my private data, which is why I’m using the Excel template. It hurts, though! For example, it won’t work with Glideapps to make a smartphone app. :frowning:

I think Google is an awesome company that has provided so much value in my life such as: Google search, Google Maps, Waze, Google Sheets, and Google Fi (my cell phone provider). So maybe banking too. I haven’t decided yet until I see the the banking services to be offered.

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I feel the same way about Google, and I love Google fi in my pixel 4xl. I currently have Google store finance account. If Google goes into banking I am moving my finances to their services.

The number one reason I prefer Google and their products are the security