Reinstalling AutoCat

For whatever reason, my AutoCat for Google Sheets stopped working. So, I want to install a new version of AutoCat and start fresh. I renamed the old AutoCat sheet and selected AutoCat > Run AutoCat. It says that it is installing AutoCat, but hours later, the same dialog is displaying and it’s hung. I have tried over and over. How do you reinstall AutoCat? I am stumped.


Hi @bwentwor

Assuming this is for Google Sheets, you would want to either delete the existing AutoCat sheet and reinstall or make a copy of the existing AutoCat (right click on the tab and choose duplicate) sheet and then reinstall AutoCat.

If you need your old ruleset you can restore to a previous version before the AutoCat sheet got overwritten when you tried to re-install using the Version History under the File menu in Google Sheets.