Restructuring my spreadsheet - a bad idea?

When I created my (Google) spreadsheet, I connected as many of my accounts as I could and created manual accounts where I had to do so. I’ve been using that sheet for about 3 months now and am generally pleased with it. However, I think it would work better for me if I tracked my investment accounts in a separate sheet. So, I would do the following:

  1. Create the new spreadsheet
  2. Link the new sheet to my investment accounts
  3. Unlink my original sheet from my investment accounts
  4. Delete the previous transactions from my investment accounts in my original sheet

Will doing this cause any problems or make a mess of my data?
What is the best way to delete the transactions?

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You are spot on with the steps you need to accomplish this task.

This shouldnt cause any trouble in your original sheet as long as only the affected accounts are deleted. I would make a named copy in the version history before making changes just to be safe.

Its not technically necessary to delete the old transactions unless you just absolutely want to. You could add them all to a single category like investment transactions and mark that category hidden on the categories sheet.

If you still want to delete, then i would filter the transactions sheet on the accounts column and then highlight and delete the rows associated with the accounts in question. Same thing applies for the balance history sheet as well. One thing on both is you may want to filter on the unique account id column instead of account name if you have renamed the account since the first download into your sheet from Tiller.

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Thanks for the excellent reply! I like your idea of hiding the transactions rather than deleting them. I’ll give that a try.

One additional step will be to re-link your manual accounts in the new sheet.