Still A Little Time Left to Cast Those Votes for Your Favorite Show & Tells

You have a little time left— until the end of March— to vote for your favorite, most-inspiring, and/or most-useful Show & Tell submissions.

It’s a great way to thank the builders who contribute, maintain and support the incredible solutions available in this community. In early April, we will award the top vote earners.

If you’re curious about the leaderboard, I’ve created a list of eligible submissions sorted by vote count:

I’m in the 30-day trial now. What are templates for and how do I access them?

Many builders in this community share templates that integrate with Tiller Feeds to solve all kinds of financial riddles. Go ahead and click on the links above to see some of what is available. There are many more (that have already received awards) in the Show & Tell categories for Sheets and Excel.