Tiller Labs Roundup: 3/6/20 - Solution Changelogs + Repair Balance History + Reconcile Transaction improvements

In our Tiller Labs Roundups, we’ll keep you updated on our latest features and sheets.

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Solution Changelogs

The Manage Solutions pane in the Tiller Labs add-on alerts users when an installed template has been updated by the Tiller Labs team. But, users have long wondered about the nature of the changes. In particular, users who have personalized their instance of a template, wonder if the upgrade is worth overwriting and reimplementing their changes.

The Manage Solutions sidebar now contains a changelog with a bullet list of updates when a template is flagged for upgrade.

Thank you, @blake, for your encouragement to implement this feature.

Repair Balance History workflow

Inconsistencies in your Balance History sheet can occur over time when you rename accounts, remove and re-add accounts, or changes occur with the data feed. Data inconsistencies can result in duplicated or missing accounts and erratic rendering of account data. The Repair Balance History workflow finds inconsistencies and unifies account information using the most recent records.

This is the third workflow we have ported from the Tiller Utilities add-on. Wach of these workflows— along with the Manage Duplicates and Trim Balance History— have been updated, refreshed, and consolidated into the Tiller Labs add-on where we can better maintain them and they are more readily-accessible.

Now that all functionality has been moved to the Tiller Labs add-on, we plan to delist the Tiller Utilities add-on shortly.

Improvements to Reconcile Manual Transactions

Some users have reported sporadic add-on crashes, failed matches, and optimizations for the Reconcile Manual Transactions workflow. The latest build includes a critical bug fix and improved handling of non-standard Date formatting.

We have also implemented @ossher’s suggestion to show Check Number as a standard field during reconciliation when it is non-blank.

Thank you, @jbalian & @jscase, for flagging these issues and assisting in our debugging efforts.

Improvements to Trim Balance History

Some users alerted us to crashes and other functional issues (particularly on large sheets) when running the Trim Balance History workflow. In the past week, we have implemented bug fixes and performance improvements to this workflow.

Please continue to let us know how we can improve the Tiller Labs experience!