Wealthfront correctly linked, but it doesn't sync automatically and when I manually sync, I get only balances and no transactions

I am a fairly new user of Tiller and I manage to set up my first spreadsheet quite nicely. However, I am having some troubles pulling data from my main bank, which is Wealthfront.

As the tile says, I easily manage to connect to my WF account and I can see and manually sync it from my Tiller home page.

However, the periodic automatic sync of that account has NEVER worked ever since first linking the account. That would not be a huge problem if at least the manual sync would work properly.

However, when I click to manually sync the account(s) I have with Wealthfront, the green checkmark appears to show a successful sync and indeed, Tiller is able to pull the balances of the various “buckets” I have at Wealthfront.

What is missing is all the transactions that happen within such account, which is quite the issue …

So to recap:
:white_check_mark: linking my Wealthfront account - WORKS
:white_check_mark: manually syncing balances - WORKS
:x: manually syncing transaction - DOESN’T WORK
:x: automatic overnight sync of any type of data - IT NEVER HAPPENS

Does any of you have similar issue with Wealthfront? As far as I know, Wealthfront itself uses Yodlee to aggregate net worth data from multiple institutions, so it buffed me that here Yodlee is unable to properly deal with Wealthfront.

Any pointer would be greatly appreciated.

Our support team can help with this one so long as the account type is fully supported for Wealthfront by Yodlee.

I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/

This is likely because Auto Refresh is disabled for Wealthfront for you. More on that here.

Is this a setting the I can change on Tiller or something that has to addressed on my Wealthfront account?

Hi @mscipio as referenced in our help center there isn’t a way to adjust this within Tiller or at Yodlee’s side. It’s enabled/disabled automatically on their end based on refresh health and/or agreements with the institutions.

Hello, I’m so glad you asked this because I’m seeing the same behavior.
I have to go back and check but I feel like some transactions used to come though. This may be before I setup additional Wealthfront buckets.
I see Wealthfront in the list of supported accounts
Where do you check on the level of Yodlee support?
Thank you,

I’m not sure what you mean by “level of” Yodlee support.

We do maintain an institution health/outage tracker and it appears have been some issues with Wealthfront since 9/25/2023.

For anything related to the reliability of your feeds, @tabuchid, I’d recommend reaching out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/.

The fact that Tiller doesn’t automatically sync with Wealthfront (and recently even with CapitalOne in my case) might be related to 2FA or other issues that might be beyond everyone’s control, and while annoying, they are not crippling.

The fact that Tiller is not able to pull transaction from Wealthfront even when manually synced is a way bigger issue, and it seem to me like a Yodlee issue that maybe you could be able to escalate and get to the root of it.

I opened a ticket with Tiller’s support about this very same issue more than a month ago and nothing came of it …

@mscipio we have escalated your issue to Yodlee, as per your conversation via our official support channel, but we haven’t heard back from them yet with an update.

We’ll reach out in the ongoing ticket when we have an update from them or next steps for you.

The expectations for this process with Yodlee are outlined here.

We appreciate your patience.

@heather - I’m noticing that my income-type transactions (paycheck, etc.) are not being synced from Wealthfront, while other expense-type transactions sync no problem. Is this a known issue, or should I submit a ticket? Thanks for the guidance!

Hi @abby there’s a widespread issue right now with grabbing transactions from Wealthfront. You can monitor the ETA here: Institution Alert Dashboard

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