Why do some non-2FA bank feeds not auto-refresh?

I have a couple of bank feeds (namely SoFi and Rocket Mortgage, currently) that do not automatically refresh their feeds every day and I’m trying to understand why. I know that if a bank requires 2FA or other security steps, this is often the reason, but these two banks in particular do not have the 2FA requirements, and when I go to the console and click on the “refresh” button, they refresh without a problem. So why are these not auto-refreshing with the others? What’s happening behind the scenes that is preventing this from working?

I believe Tiller has said that the refresh cycle for accounts can be up to 36 hours (and I think some may not allow refresh at all because of a particular institution’s protocols), so some accounts won’t auto-refresh every day. Now, if it’s significantly longer than that, that’s probably a question Tiller would need to ask Yodlee about those specific institutions.


Having some issues with Phoenixville Federal Bank not refreshing…again. It’s been two days since the account has refreshed. Any ideas what’s happening?

Questions about specific institutions generally need to be reported to customer service through the chat window in the console. There could be lots of different things going on, and nobody on the forum is going to be able to diagnose it. Sorry.

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Yeah sorry I tried to make clear that the question was not about a specific bank necessarily, I’m just wanting to understand what’s happening behind the scenes (at Tiller or Yodlee) that is causing these misses. If I can go in to the console and click the button and it works just fine, what’s failing on the backend that is preventing automation?

Sorry, my previous reply was to @timothylmayer. I think some institutions simply don’t allow auto-refresh as part of their security protocols.


I m pretty sure that sofi has a 2FA , but once i enter the code , the sync alwasy works

Its been 50 days since my two bank accounts has update on the balance sheet. Created a ticket about it and not fix yet. Been 59 days. Im still running Mint and it has not problem. Im going to miss Mint…