Ally Bank not syncing

@clozach, I took care of your request here :wink:

For anyone still in a trial, we’ll happily extend your trial while we continue to wait it out, just reach out to and request a trial extension and share the link to this topic.

I’ll reach out directly to Yodlee about this issue, as it’s incredibly frustrating to us that they keep nudging the ETA one day at a time. I’ll reply here when I get any new information back from them on this.

Thanks for your patience all!


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Much appreciated!

Thanks for treating this issue with so much attention and grace, @heather. Without your transparency and support, I’d have jumped ship by now for sure!

Having done some coding work at a finance-related company, I think what you folks are doing is something of a miracle. There are hundreds, if not thousands of financial institutions, each at risk of changing its security practices on a whim. Then there’s the U.S.'s rather antiquated financial regulations. (In the UK, you can transfer money from one bank to another in 1-3 seconds. In the States it takes 1-3 days. WAT?!) Then, all the while, you’ve got Intuit throwing its massive weight around.

As frustrating as it is that Yodlee isn’t rock solid after all its years in this technical briar patch, the flexibility Tiller offers is well worth a little more patience…perhaps even a lot more. I look forward to the day when it’s all working smoothly again. There will be much rejoicing. :grin:

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I just discovered Tiller and am excited to sign up and try it. Based on what I’ve seen, it’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. Unfortunately I am waiting to sign up for the free trial because one of my banks is Ally and I’m concerned with this connectivity issue.

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Thanks for your encouragement @clozach! This was the reply I got from Yodlee regarding this issue:

Aditi Singh (Yodlee)

Feb 5, 12:27 PST

Hi Heather,

Thanks for reaching out to us.
We are constantly following up with Ally Bank to unblock Yodlee IPs, but we have not yet received a confirmation on this.

We understand that this is impacting a huge customer base and we apologize for the inconvenience.
Currently, we are not intending to discontinue the site.
Also, we cannot provide a definite ETA as the action is dependent on the end-site (Ally Bank).

We’ll keep in touch with them and will let you know, as soon as we have an update/confirmation on the same.

I would highly recommend that everyone affected reach out directly to Ally and ask them to unblock Yodlee.

In cases like this in the past when an end site blocks Yodlee’s IPs the end result is usually that they stop supporting the institution. :scream:

Yes, this is a horrible annoyance. Even more frustrating that it is something as simple as an IP address being blocked. Just sent a complaint to Ally threatening to move my finances elsewhere.

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Thanks @Darin and @heather!

I was able to update my balances with your methods and tips. I will say be sure to grab the most recent update (as Darin mentioned) as a starting point as I got an older one for one of the Ally accounts and it went haywire. I realized I had re-categorized my Balances sheet since that update which was causing the issue for a moment before I re-read your tips. Thanks y’all.

I just contacted Ally, requesting cooperation/resolution on their end. :crossed_fingers:

I sent a message to ally also threatening that myself and many others would be considering switching our accounts to another institution if they do not resolve this. Unfortunately I received a response saying they do not support 3rd parties accessing data and have no information on if or when this will be resolved.

Thankfully another Ally agent chimed in today with a better answer.

I do know that we were notified by another of this just a bit earlier.

Our Tech Team is aware of the issue, they are currently working on it on but have not provided a timeframe for the repair or fix. We appreciate your patience and are working to correct the issue presently. Is there anything else I can help you with today in reference to Yodlee?

I recommend everyone keep reaching out to Ally chat and push the issue

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Here’s a transcript of my chat today with Ally’s helpful rep, “Frankie” (with apologies to Tiller & Yodlee for the misplaced frustrations to-date).

TL;DR—They broke things while implementing their new “buckets” feature, they know they’ve broken things, and they’re working on it.

Chris Lozac’h at 14:51, Feb 6:
Hi Frankie. As detailed at the link below, Ally Bank has been blocking Yodlee synchronization for weeks now, and it’s gotten extremely frustrating for me and a number of your other customers.

I’m wondering what can be done to alert Ally’s software dev group in order for them to prioritize whitelisting Yodlee’s IPs for access. (For context, Yodlee’s data syncing is something that used to work, but stopped working in January.)

Frankie at 14:54, Feb 6:
I apologize for the inconvenience. I can certainly answer your questions. Our backend team has been working actively to resolve this recent issue. Yodlee is not the only program affected, in fact I believe most 3rd party aggregators has been affected. I have spoken with people using, Mint, Personal Capital, Wells Fargo etc. I believe the reason it was halted was because we were making some big updated which include the new bucket feature we have.

Once the new features have been optimized and confirmed as working efficiently perhaps the access will be restored. We don’t have much information on this topic just yet.

Chris Lozac’h at 14:55, Feb 6:
Good to know. Thanks for the update!

Frankie at 14:56, Feb 6:
You’re very welcome. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Chris Lozac’h at 14:58, Feb 6:
No worries. It’s useful to know what’s going on! (And perhaps worth sharing with the dev team that situations like this might benefit from a message right in our accounts so we don’t have to waste our breath complaining to companies that can’t do anything to resolve the issue.) :slight_smile:

Frankie at 15:00, Feb 6:
I will definitely forward this information for you. We appreciate the feedback as it is a way to improve our existing services and introduce a new features, like the recent buckets.Thank you very much! Much appreciated.

Sounds like (and this is pure speculation on my part) the Ally devs made some architectural changes touching so many pieces at once that they couldn’t just roll back the buggy code due to the risk of breaking other things that we would probably care about even more than data portability. :confounded: Again, that’s just pure speculation based on my experience on software teams. Grain of salt, and all that…

Hang in there, y’all! :person_climbing:‍♂


Great update, Chris, thanks for pushing this with Ally. I have also sent a request to Ally for an update, haven’t heard back yet.

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I actually received a phone call this morning from an Ally Bank representative. He said they are trying to restore the connection to Yodlee so that Tiller, Personal Capital, etc can be back to working order. He was pretty vague about what caused the connection issues other than it was preventative. They started seeing some errors with their new Buckets (like @clozach eplained) and turned off the syncing until they get it sorted.

I also asked this is in some way to get more customers to use the Buckets thing, and he said absolutely not. They want to be the best internet-friendly bank out there and they know that’s a big requirement for many of their customers, so we can rest assured Ally won’t try to remove functionality in the future.

For now, it’s just a matter of time until they get it fixed. I also asked about a timeline and he responded that they were expecting to have it fixed by now, but it’s taking longer than expected.

So, “Soon™”.


Ally bank is now showing a tentative ETA of 2/28/2020 ( I’m thinking it might be time to switch banks. Looking at reviews of features and rates, Capitol One bank looks like a viable alternative to Ally. Has anyone here banked with them? What’s been your experience?


Search “Capital One” in this community and you will find plenty regarding 2FA issues, etc. Personally, I am moving all my transactions to other credit cards. Problem solved.



I have now been without Ally sync for 26 days. I also have an account with CountAbout whose software is not as sophisticated as Tiller but it works without issue even with Ally today. This is due to the fact that they use another data provider MX. I realize that Tiller do not have resources like Intuit but it might be worth Tiller freeing up some resources for a backup data provider. This may become a short term issue for Tiller’s best in class Customer Service. But longer term it would a win-win for both Tiller and their frustrated customers.


Latest update is 2/28. :-1:

I contacted Ally today and they are aware of the issue and didnt sound too concerned about fixing. They are in no rush to help 3rd party data providers. Maybe its because I do not have millions in my account, but when I threatened to close my account they said fine.

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Thank you all for digging into this issue and your time in contacting Tiller, Ally and your other banks. And thank you for your great customer service Heather. I am so glad I found this thread and finally learned about what is happening. For a couple of weeks, when I tried to add access to outside accounts on Ally and with my other bank I was receiving the 426 error code for “We’re experiencing technical difficulties, please try again in a few days” but I just left it alone as it wasn’t imperative for me to have it working, just highly inconvenient. Now I know it will be even more than a few days for the possible resolution. Oh well, hopefully Ally and its development team have learned a great deal from this update and repair saga.

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My spouse and I both contacted Ally, let’s hope they fix it soon, I like Tiller :heart: more then Ally and will just move to a institution that supports Tiller.

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+1 for the Ally issues. I emailed Ally as well just now to hopefully help motivate them to fixing the issue.