Issues with Affirm? Trying to link my Affirm account with no success

I’m trying to add my Affirm account in the Tiller Console and it get’s hung up on the verify step…perpetual spinning wheel…
Any help is appreciated

A post was recently made that there is a Yodlee data feed issue currently with this process.

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I can’t connect to any of the HOME DEPOT sites. Home Depot continues to change their on line capability. Does Tiller feeds work with current Home Depot?

Do you connect with VENMO? Doesn’t seem to be in your list

thanks! that could be the problem

I was wondering if you have had any luck with connecting your affirm account yet? I am running into the same issue as you were it seems.

Got to two part authentication then it got hung up again

For all issues connecting to your financial institutions please reach out to our support team via the chat window in the lower right corner of the Console at - they are the most equipped to help you with these issues.

Most of the time we need to contact our data provider for additional help. The community will not be able to help with these types of issues.