US Bank -- Bank Feed Not Updating

Hi Heather, thanks for checking in - my USB feeds are operating the same as my above reply. My USB credit card transactions are showing up as normal but my USB checking account does not - I have to import those transactions manually. All balances from USB are updating as they should.

thanks @ryanstraits - if you haven’t already can you write in to our support chat and let the team know. I’ll give them advance heads up that we want to escalate this issue to our data provider since they’re claiming it’s fixed. Sending along a screenshot of the most recent transactions from the checking account when logged in directly to U.S. bank plus the copy/pasted URL of the page where those are found on the USB site will expidite things. Thanks!

Hi @heather - same thing here except none of my balances show up. All checking, savings and our car lease accounts haven’t pulled anything in since the connection went out originally. Do we need to disconnect the account and re-sync it?

Still not updating mine either. I tried both Google Sheets and Excel and neither one is updating. Last transaction I received for USBank was Feb 27th.

I did resync my account but left a different USB back login connected that I had from before (my wife and I have two diff. usernames but share some accounts) - and it didn’t seem to change much but it probably wouldn’t hurt to try to disconnect and resync.

I’ll do my best to document and let the support folks know, might be a few days until I can get to it.

If I go to the connected accounts page and refresh the US Bank account, it shows up to date US Bank info for all accounts, not just CC. That’s a great sign, just no transactions are being pulled other than CC. It feels close!

Please don’t delete the connection to USB and try to re-add - this will create a huge duplicates mess.

If you’re not seeing transactions, since they’ve removed the outage, please use the chat tool to write in to support so we can report this to our data provider. Either they will re-add the outage because this is not truly resolved or they’ll fix it for your individual accounts.

We’ve sent several examples to our data provider so we won’t be sending more examples at this point and will continue to treat this as an outage since it’s clearly not working properly.


Yeah that’s true. It was fine with the workflow that I use Tiller for but could mess up others’ workflows.

It’s still down for me. Unfortunately I deleted tried re-adding the account before I saw this message. I also imported csv transactions for the past month to catch up.

Echoing what everyone else has said here - the USB connection (for checking/savings) still isn’t working on my end. The last time my sheets received data was on 2/21/2023.

Here’s the error message I get when trying to refresh my connection in Tiller HQ:

I love Tiller, so I would actually contemplate switching to a new bank :laughing: , but our family has a great relationship w/ bankers here so I’m hesitant to do so. Hope there’s a solution in the works!

All of my U.S. Bank Checking and Savings transactions finally back filled today!! Got everything from Feb through today. Balances are in sync as well.


Lucky! Just tried refreshing mine again and still no luck. Weirdly, only two accounts are updating balances. A home equity LOC account and a lease account… none of our savings or checking accounts are pulling through

I am still having the same issue with US Bank. I get the account balances, but the transactions are not coming through. I just re-entered credentials (Didn’t delete and re-add, just re-authenticated) and got the same behavior. Still not getting transactions. Hopefully this gets fixed soon!

Massive US Bank systems update on Sunday! Hopefully this is the trick to get Us bank working with it’s official aggregate partner, Yodlee. Fingers crossed, once again!


Well, maybe next time…

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I found the fix for the US Bank feed issue! Follow these steps:

  1. Open an account at a new bank (i.e. CapitalOne is great)
  2. Transfer balances to your new bank account
  3. Close US Bank accounts
  4. Pat yourself on the back

We did this months ago…very easy, all online…and no regrets.


You definitely had me on this :laughing:

Unfortunately, no news on this. The “big systems update” is only likely to cause more issues with Yodlee - U.S. Bank (unlike some other large institutions) does not let Yodlee know big changes are coming and that breaks things :frowning:

It’s working for me today!