US Bank -- Bank Feed Not Updating

Today I tried to add US Bank to Tiller just for CC data, it fails and gives this message:

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I’m in the same boat @jonathan1 i forgot this institution had an outage and just opened a cash plus card for the cash back.

I have been unsuccessfully trying to add the account for about 2 weeks now.

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Any update on US Bank feeds? After taking forever to refresh, mine finally pulled in everything except my checking transactions…which is of course the one thing that I really needed.

Same here, still just checking transactions not coming in. All balances load and my Cash Plus transactions load. I’ve gotten used to it but still very annoying!

We don’t have an official date yet, but we’re expecting the open banking site to go live this month!

That’s exciting news but I’m currently on the 30 trial and while I’m loving Tiller if I can’t get US Bank to work I’ll have to cancel. I understand that these issues happen with the banking integrations but not having US Bank is unfortunately a deal breaker for me at the moment.

Do you know when this month it’s expected? My trial ends on the 18th.

That’s awesome! Please keep us updated

Hi @crempp - we don’t have a specific date yet, we were just told it would be in August. It’s not something we have control over at all. Our data provider, Yodlee, builds and coordinates these connections in collaboration with the bank. You’re welcome to restart your free trial after the 18th once it’s working if it’s not working by then.

hey y’all :wave: U.S. bank will be enabled for open banking tomorrow August 8th.

We’re fine tuning our official announcement, but just wanted to share here first. We can see the light at the end of the tunnel!


This is great news! Thanks for letting us know.

Right on!

For the accounts that aren’t currently updating (none of mine have worked despite others mentioning some savings accounts, etc. have randomly pulled in) - will we need to do anything other than refresh our feeds tomorrow?

You’ll need to follow the steps here to update the connection:

You have to use the “Connection > Edit credentials” option to upgrade the connection.

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Good news - US Bank updated extremely smoothly for me this morning. The last 90 days of transactions pulled in which I’ll need to go through and delete the duplicates on. My plan for that is filtering for just the US Bank accounts and then using conditional formatting to highlight duplicates to easily spot them & delete. Refreshed quicker than it ever had in the past now so all looks promising!

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I was also able to seamlessly add a new account with US Bank this morning via mobile with the new tiller accounts dashboard at


I am having to go through the Open Banking connection process every time to update my US Bank accounts. Is anyone else dealing with this? I was expecting to only have to do it once, but I have been having to do it every day.

I’m not seeing that issue on my end… Went through the re-connect process once the day they launched it and it’s been smooth sailing so far!

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@ryanstraits I also haven’t had an issue connecting since initial day either, maybe you should reach out to official support at the dashboard page and the blue chat icon in the bottom right.

Yeah that’s my next step, I have 2 US Bank accounts (my wifes and my own) that I have to enter so I wonder if that’s part of my issue. Glad to hear it’s not a more widespread issue!

Hi @ryanstraits it definitely could be an issue with having two logins connected for US bank, we have heard some reports of folks having issues with other open banking institutions where they have multiple logins and things not staying connected.

Thanks Heather! Yes I was accidentally logged into both with the same login, once I changed one to my wife’s login it has started working normally. Open banking has been a full 180 improvement over what it was before!

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